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Photonica is a technical startup, aiming to innovate established approaches in photovoltaic components. Product lineup includes a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the demands of various installation scenarios.

"Photonica was born out of a desire to address the challenges faced by installers in the PV sector. Drawing from years of industry insights and feedback, we have meticulously crafted a product range designed to streamline installation processes and maximize efficiency."
Mariusz Bałachowski, CEO of Photonica

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Key facts

  • Systems for pitched roofs: designed for maximum compatibility and ease of installation
  • Systems for flat roofs: optimized to minimize installation time, these systems offer increased efficiency for installers
  • Electric switchboards: Photonica introduces preconfigured and tailored electric switchboards, offering over 20 predefined layouts for popular installations and customized solutions
  • Accessories: from combiner boxes to mounting accessories, Photonica provides a comprehensive suite of accessories designed to enhance system performance and reliability
  • Ground-mounted systems: engineered for durability and adaptability, Photonica's ground-mounted systems offer robust support structures suitable for diverse environments