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Risen Energy

Risen Energy is a TOP 6 global manufacturer of PV modules. Ranked Tier-1 by BNEF, Risen is a provider of comprehensive business solutions for residential, commercial and utility power generation. Founded in 1986 and listed on the stock exchange since 2010, Risen Energy is helping its clients reach their low-carbon and zero-carbon goals.

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RSM40-8-410M BF
Power 410W, black frame, PID resistance
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RSM130-8-435M BF
Power 435W, black frame, PID resistance
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RSM40-8-400MB FB
full black, 15-year warranty, small size 1754x1096x30mm
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Cooperation with Menlo Electric strengthens our presence in European markets, with a special focus on the Western EU region. We are glad that we can develop our sales based on the Menlo’s hybrid model, comprising of local and remote sales representatives and digital channels to cover all types of client buying behaviours.
Jianping Zeng, Senior Vice President of Risen Energy

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Key facts

  • TOP 6 global PV modules producer with capacity of 30 GW
  • 10 000+ clients worldwide
  • Risen modules have passed TüV, CE, GS, ROHS, REACH, PAHS tests and received other international awards
  • Tier 1 regularly ranked by BNEF