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1. General conditions for processing warranty claims:
1.1. Goods purchased through Menlo Electric are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The detailed scope of the warranty and the warranty procedure, including deadlines for warranty processing, are specified in the warranty documents issued by the manufacturer.
1.2. If you have any technical questions or any other questions regarding the configuration and use of photovoltaic components purchased through Menlo Electric, please contact our Technical Department:
1.2.1. phone: +48 800 003 010.
1.2.2. e-mail: (for Polish-speaking customers).
1.2.3. e-mail: (for foreign customers).

2. Warranty claims for photovoltaic panels
2.1. Claims of irregularities in the operation of photovoltaic panels as defined as malfunction of the device, values inconsistent with those declared by the Manufacturer, technical defects and any other undesirable effects during the use of the goods.
2.2. Menlo Electric undertakes to act as an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer in the process of reporting any irregularities in the applicable warranty for photovoltaic panels of individual suppliers.
2.3. In order for Menlo Electric to support the customer during warranty proceedings with the Manufacturer, the customer is required to provide Menlo by email to the following address with the following information:
2.3.1. Date of installation of the panels to which the claim relates.
2.3.2. Type of installation (on roof / on ground).
2.3.3. Total number of modules in the installation.
2.3.4. Number of defective modules in the installation.
2.3.5. Inverter type.
2.3.6. Module type.
2.3.7. Date on which the fault / defect was found.
2.3.8. Serial numbers of reported modules.
2.3.9. Description of the problem (as detailed as possible).
2.3.10. Method of identification of the problem.
2.3.11. Photographs showing the described problem.
2.3.12. A screenshot from the system monitoring the operation of the photovoltaic system indicating the faulty component.
2.3.13. Order or invoice number (ZO / ZLKP / WZ / FV).
2.4. Upon receipt of the data referred to in point 2.3. above, the claim will be forwarded to the relevant claims department on the Manufacturer’s side for processing. The customer will be informed of the status of the claim. After receiving a decision from the Manufacturer on the claim filed, it will be promptly communicated to the customer.

3. Warranty claims for inverters
3.1 An inverter claim or service request is defined as a report on the malfunction of the device, technical defects and any other undesirable effects during the use of the goods.
3.2. In the case of a warranty claim concerning inverters or accessories, it is recommended that the customer contact the manufacturer directly. In justified cases, Menlo allows the possibility of mediating claims with the manufacturer of the goods. The detailed rules of mediation will be determined between the Parties.
3.3. Warranty claims to individual inverter manufacturers whose products are included in Menlo Electric’s portfolio will be made to the following addresses:

3.3.1 Deye

a) service platform: Deye

b) e – mails address: (or

c) phone: +48512008008

3.3.2 FoxESS

a) Poland and Baltics: +48 727 012 923,

b) Germany: +49 (0)40537992120,

c) Italy: +3904 9636 7610

d) Spain: +34 868 99998-0,

e) Portugal:

f) France:

g) UK: +44 (0)24 7510 0078,

h) Benelux:

i) Others:

3.3.3 Growatt

a) e-mail:

b) phone: +48662924163, 604350231, +48735979374, +48882514490

3.3.4 Huawei

a) e-mail:

b) phone: 0080033888888

3.3.5 Sungrow

a) service platform: Sungrow

3.3.6 SolarEdge

a) service platform: Solar Edge

b) phone: +48 12 200 55 38

3.3.7 Solax

a) e-mail:


a) e-mail:

In order for Menlo Electric to support the Customer during the warranty proceedings with the Manufacturer, please send detailed information about the report (ticket number on the service platform, correspondence with the service, detailed description of the fault along with photos or videos showing the problem) to the following address:

4. Deadlines
4.1. Any customer may raise objections to purchased products during the warranty period. Its duration is determined by warranty documents issued directly by the manufacturer.
4.2. If a claim is investigated with the involvement of Menlo Electric, a decision on the submitted claim (i.e., a response as to whether the claim is accepted or rejected or in what part it is accepted), is made as soon as possible after it is forwarded by Menlo Electric to the manufacturer, with final deadlines varying and depending on each manufacturer.