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We are Menlo Electric

Menlo Electric is the fastest-growing European PV distributor. We operate in more than 37 markets in Europe and Middle East, offering solar components from the best brands. Our 10 logistics centers in Europe enable quick and affordable delivery.

In one year, we tripled our turnover, and from a team of several people we grew to over 130 people working from 20 countries. And it doesn't stop there! We want to grow even further, so we are very glad that you found this page and are interested in working with us. Maybe you are the missing link we are looking for!

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Our stories

Our team is a variety of different personalities, cultures and passions. Read some of our stories to get to know us better.
Marketing Manager

International development

When Krysia joined Menlo, the marketing team consisted of one person. Now the team she leads is already 6 people working from 4 different countries and executing marketing strategy for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
I've always been curious about the world, so I'm happy to have joined such an international company. Working at Menlo is a big challenge, but also great opportunities - trips to international fairs, team building or the chance to implement my ideas.
HR Manager

Building a team from scratch

Gosia began her work at Menlo by leading a dozen of recruitments. Now she faces new challenges: significantly increasing the company's headcount internationally, expanding the HR team and implementing developmental HR projects within the company.
I enjoy a lot working with people. I always wanted to build something from scratch in an international company and to develop my managerial competencies. I found all this at Menlo - working with great people, international projects and the opportunity to have a real impact on the development of the organization.
Marketing Specialist

A dream comes true

Andrea works in Menlo Electric as a Marketing Specialist for the Czech and Slovak market. In the marketing team, she is also responsible for company's global PR.
I always dreamed of putting a helping hand to a company that makes a difference in the world. And now I know that If you dare to dream big wishes enough, they can come true for you as for me.
Marketing Specialist

CSR Company

Josh always wanted to work for a CSR Company who does also good instead of just profit. With Menlo he has an international possibility to help further doing actual good on a global scale.
I started some month ago and Menlo’s spirit catches me directly! The team I am working with is incredible. Everyone can trust in each other, and further supports were its possible. That makes the surrounding familiar even if the team works in different countries.
Country Manager

Driven by passion

Kaspars is a Country Manager in Latvia and Estonia. He sees how our customers evaluate high level attitude, fast and competent answers and interesting product, prices and fast logistics chain.
It's a pleasure to be a part of the Sales team and whole Menlo family. I feel a lot of passion in every step and a huge drive what is moving company. I am keen on customer service and sales, Menlo values directly fit to my personal standards. I know that we just depart and our flight will be really high.
Regional Sales Director

A licence to sell

When Tomek joined the Menlo family he was the fourth person employed by the company, in a company that no one in the market knew.
My number in the Enova 365 system is 001 which means I have a licence to sell. This is how I started my adventure at Menlo - managing sales in the southern Polish region and expanding to the Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian and German markets. I can honestly say that I am proud of what we have achieved together in developing the company to the level it is today.
Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about what we do

Bartosz co-founded Menlo Electric with Marta Walendzewicz and now serves as the company's CEO.
"Working at Menlo Electric is not a job - it's a passion of mine. Working hand-in-hand with other team members on growing our presence on 3 continents, partnering with global manufacturers and developing a CSR program unparalelled in the industry is what drives me everyday!"
Chief Financial Officer

Setting the grounds of a successful company

Marta is the co-founder of Menlo Electric who joined Bartosz at a time when Menlo was just a daring idea. Today she leads financial and legal teams.
“Being with Menlo from day 1 I have had an unmatched opportunity to build organization every step of the way, from an idea to the international player. What I love about our team is the attitude towards challenges. When faced with an impossible task, it won’t be a week before someone comes back with a viable solution”.
Chief Commercial Officer

Commercial Success

Marcin is a board member and CCO. He leads the international sales and marketing team.
"We’ve built internationally recognized company that reached 150M Euro in revenue in its second year. I’m fulfilled, honored and motivated by being part and leading Great Team who make it happen and is still hungry for more."


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We are not only about business...

Our values go beyond day-to-day work. Have a look at what we do to live by our mission:

Help for Ukraine

In April 2022, we donated EUR 25,000 to the Polish Humanitarian Action, thus supporting Ukraine. PHA fundraising was started in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine, and the donated funds were allocated to the supply of food and hygiene products to residents who are most at risk.

Energy to power your future

On June 1, 2022, we launched our “Energy to power your future” program in which we install photovoltaic installations for free in institutions that take care of children. See the video from our first action in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Energy Academy

We are partner of the Energy Academy - a program that supports professional development in the energy sector. As part of the Academy, we conduct workshops for its participants.