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Personal pickup

We give you the option of collecting your order in person or by a third party.

Here are some rules for collecting your own order:

  • When placing your order, please indicate the form of delivery (own collection) and your preferred collection date in consultation with Customer Service. You will receive a confirmation of the collection date from us,
  • Once your order has been packed, we will let you know when to collect it,
  • For security reasons, the order will be issued upon presentation of the order number, the recipient’s identity card and/or a valid authorisation,
  • The warehouse employee will provide you with further information on the place of collection (ramp number),
  • upon receipt, it is recommended to verify the condition of the goods – if any defects are found, please take a photo of the damage/non-conformity and fill in and send a claim form to the following e-mail address:,
  • if you notice that a pallet/carton is damaged – please do not collect the goods! In this situation, please take a picture of the damaged packaging and fill out and send a complaint form to the following e-mail address:

We have two types of collection authorisations: permanent (until further notice) and one-off. Both types of documents must be signed by an authorised person in the company, according to the template attached below. Please send a scan of the completed form to the e-mail address:

Download the authorisation form