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How to proceed with a shipment?

Thank you for having trusted in Menlo Electric and for having purchased your products through our agency. We would like to assist you from the very moment of receipt of your request for quotation until the moment of delivery of the products you bought. If goods do not meet your expectations, that is if you notice that either the package or the merchandise itself is damaged, or that the product you bought reveals some manufacturing defects, you are requested to proceed in the following way:

1. Shipment collection – how to collect goods correctly and report any possible damages:

a) Remember to check the goods you receive – check whether the package in which the goods you had ordered were placed does not demonstrate any damages (dents, cracks, holes, goods improperly secured or any traces of third party intervention).
b) If you do not collect your shipment in person, please instruct the person responsible for the collection of your goods to check the package and content of the shipment.
c) If you notice that the shipment is damaged or incomplete, you should report it to the courier and complete and sign a damage report with the driver – it is very important and increases your chances for positive result of the complaint procedure.
d) In case of dedicated transport you also can complete and sign a damage report, but it is obligatory for you to report the damages in the waybill or CMR document.
e) You can also refuse to collect such a shipment, but remember to complete and sign a damage report with the driver and leave your remarks on the respective waybill or CMR.
f) If you collect goods from a Menlo center on your own, please check the condition of the pallets and the way the goods are secured while you collect them. If you have any doubts or notice any damages, report them to the warehouse staff as soon as possible.

2. Shipment collected, yet goods damaged – how to lodge a complaint:

a) Caution: any claim must be reported no later than within 7 days upon collection of the goods.
b) Complete the complaint form. Remember! The more details you present, the better and faster we will be able to handle your complaint. Do not forget to provide the name/model of the damaged product, delivery date, ZLKP/WZ number, serial numbers and include a detailed description (you can find the form under Complaint form link).
c) Take accurate pictures of the goods you complain on – so we will be able to determine the scope of damages and their probable causes. This is why it is important for the photos to be clear and present in detail the goods you purchased and the defect described in your complaint. You should also enclose to your complaint photos of the serial numbers of components which do not meet your expectations.
d) Enclose any documents you have – the waybill, CMR document, photos (if possible enclose also photos of the packed shipment before you unpack it) and the serial numbers of the damaged products/components.
e) Send all the data by e-mail to In the title please provide the ZO or ZLKP number to allow us to find your order in our system as fast as possible. In the body of your e-mail you are requested to present a short description of the entire situation so as to introduce us in the best possible way to the details of your complaint.
f) We will study your complaint and the associated documents.
g) We will communicate our decision to you as soon as possible. However, if we have to discuss your problem with our Partners you may have to wait a bit longer. We will keep you abreast at each stage of the complaint handling process.

If you have any questions which have not been answered above write to where we are waiting for your questions on complaints on goods purchased.

Download a complaint form

Complaint handling procedure